my my, we have been busy

It was my plan to update/redo my website this year and next thing you know I was swamped with client work.  My consulting business McStück Marketing  really picked up the beginning of 2013, although it really started much earlier.  Between throwing together a quick website for my business and the work for my major clients Namba Gear, Nambacker B2B, Nesta! and Nu-Screen Themes, I haven’t had a chance to put in any design time for myself.  Add in a few music projects and mastering jobs, not to mention a little time with the family, and I see what they say about starting your own business.

With the kids all being in school for 2014, I should have a little more time to set aside…we’ll see.





Ok, so this format is getting little stale and I think it is time to spice things up around here (and by here I mean my website).


redesign time

Prince…VIP passes

Through my work at BIAS, I have come to know Morris Hayes fairly well, Morris plays keyboards with Prince.  Well, Prince just played the Oracle Arena in Oakland last week and we got awesome seats and passes from Morris.